Westchester Homemade Wine Center
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Choose Your Grapes

Great wines start with great grapes which our Wine Master, Carmine Corelli, knows how to find. It is the type of grapes that determines the basic fruit-flavor characteristics, both aroma and taste, of your wine. According to some sources, there are over 800 grape names from around the world. Here, we use grapes from California which come in September/October and from Chile which come in May. Below is a listing of grapes that we generally bring in. Of course, in any given year we depend upon Dionysus' blessing for good grapes. If you are obsessed with a special grape that you do not see here, feel free to ask Carmine about it. We will do our best to find it if it is available.

We encourage you to be creative and think about what you would like your signature blend to be. Will it be a single grape or a blend? Do you want a traditional blend or will you create a custom blend? Carmine will advise you on the feasibility or folly of your intended creation! You never know if your creation will be the next Gold medal winner!