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Labeling Your Wine

Labeling Your Bottles
When you look at the label of a bottle of wine from the store, it can be a bit daunting to decipher. There is so much information there! And then you think about what you should put on your own label. You do not need to have a complicated label. Or, you can if you want to! You can think about designing your label as a chance to be creative and express yourself and your wine! You will also decide if you will have a front label only, or if you will also have a back label.

In general, you may want to include the following information on your label.

Winemaker: this is the name of your wine along with any mark (photograph, image) that you want to use.

Appellation: this is the geographic region where the grapes come from. This is usually broadly defined, such as California or Chile. Or it can be a more narrowly defined region.

Vintage: this is the year in which the grapes were harvested, i.e., the year when you crushed your grapes.

Varietal: this is the specific kind of grapes that you used. If it is a blend, you can put the names and percentages of the grapes that you used.

Optional: this is where you can be creative and put your own message!

                                     Good Luck with creating your very own customizable wine label!